CBD on Premise

Beliz Can

Every year, the National Restaurant Association sends a survey to chefs to spot trends on food and beverage. 76% of the chefs voted for cannabis/CBD-infused drinks and cannabis/CBD-infused food as their top two choices for 2019. So, it is not surprising that more restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops are offering CBD-infused food and drink options to their customers. Although some states are passing local regulations banning CBD-infused food and beverages while their health departments complete inspections, some states are enjoying the freedom to experiment new tastes. 

There are a lot of brands that offer CBD-infused edibles and beverages; from CBD-infused kombuchas to cotton candies, it seems like CBD goes with everything. Taking it to the next level is consumption on-premise. Seeing this as a good opportunity, business owners are creating signature cocktails, meals or simply offer CBD as an add-on to coffee for $2-2.50, giving the cautious consumers a chance to try and test CBD-infused products before committing to a whole bottle of oil.

Around Chicagoland, you can try CBD-infused food and beverages in coffee shops, breweries, bakeries, and bars. In Denver, customers can add CBD to cocktails, dishes, hot and cold beverages for a surcharge. In Portland, you can add a CBD shot to your juices, and in Vermont you can try salads with chili CBD syrup or CBD-infused chocolates and truffles. Fresh fruit smoothies can be enriched with CBD oil in Philadelphia.Fresh fruit smoothies can be enriched with CBD oil in Philadelphia. Even in New York, which has very strict regulations about CBD-infused food and beverages, consumers can find CBD-infused sweets, dishes, cacao toppings, cocktails in bars, hotels, and restaurants. All over the US, businesses and consumers are enjoying the legal gray area and lack of FDA’s guidelines while sipping their CBD-infused teas.

Although it is the first thing that comes to mind, it would not be fair to limit CBD on-premise to edibles; CBD oils are also becoming popular in massage studios and spas from New York to California due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. A New York brand is even offering CBD facials.

Will this work everywhere? It really depends on consumers’ willingness to get out of their comfort zones to add novelties to their daily routines as well as open-minded business owners that will offer them choices. It looks like the market is quickly heading to an experimental and adventurous new horizon.

Last Updated: January 14, 2020