Jennifer Kregor

Jennifer Kregor
Jennifer Kregor, Vice President of Product at Brightfield Group, bridges over a decade of experience in AI, product strategy, and empathetic consumer insight. Jennifer's unique approach leverages AI and multiple data sources to delve into consumer psyches, honoring the unique singularity of each individual. Each insight is treated as a thread in the vast tapestry of human experience, driving significant business growth and reshaping how brands connect with individuals authentically. Her career began in research and data science, evolving into leadership roles that stretch strategic vision and innovative methodologies. Her academic background in Education Policy and Psychology, enriched by numerous technical and management certifications, underpins her ability to merge technical expertise with insights into human behavior. Jennifer's work reflects the belief that successful businesses see consumers as people with stories, not just statistics. With a proven track record of operational excellence and a passion for blending AI with human-centric storytelling, she demonstrates how data science can be harnessed to unveil the complexities of consumer needs, motivations, and aspirations in our evolving digital landscape.
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