From Monastery to Marketing: Takeaways for Authentic Connection

Jennifer Kregor

Ten years ago, I found myself stepping out of a van and into the serene setting of Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh’s Buddhist Monastery in France. The trip had been on my bucket list for quite a while after a dear friend, Joanna, introduced me to the healing potential of such retreats. Little did I know that this experience would offer more than healing. It would reveal insights that would transform my perception of digital engagement and redefine my approach to building authentic connections.

Monastery Diaries: Finding Peace Amid Chaos


January in France is peaceful, especially in the calm embrace of Plum Village. This was a world far removed from the bustling life and digital chaos I was accustomed to. My fellow retreat attendees - my 'sangha' - came from diverse corners of the world. Their shared wisdom and the tranquility of our collective mindfulness experience were incredibly healing.


At the monastery, I shared daily rituals with a diverse community hailing from all corners of the globe, and from all walks of life. I observed how healing the environment could be and how quickly people found their core. It was through this shared experience of compassion and presence that I was able to recognize a deeper form of connection.


In the digital world, our tendency to cling to thoughts and control situations often manifests as a constant need for stimulation - the compulsion to check our phones, to send an email, to stay connected. However, my monastery experience taught me the tranquility of being present without seeking an immediate "fix." This lesson has valuable applications in the world of marketing.

Bridging the Gap: Mindful Insights in the Marketing World


Translating these insights into the context of digital marketing, I identified three key principles:


  • Mindful Targeting: With the precision of modern data tools, we can send highly targeted messages. However, our responsibility as marketers is not just exploiting data, but using it to enrich individuals’ lives rather than trapping them with clickbait. We must strive to reflect their best selves in our content.
  • Building Deep Connections: True product loyalty, I believe, stems from appealing to the deeper, better selves of consumers. We must understand their wellness needs, align our messaging with those needs, and communicate how our products and services can enhance their lives, both now and in the future.
  • Presence and Engagement: The power of presence I experienced at Plum Village can be translated to the digital world. By creating meaningful, engaging, and relevant content, we can cultivate a sense of 'presence' in our users, thus forging genuine connections.

From the Monastery to the Market: The Power of Genuine Connection


The profound simplicity of human connection I experienced at Plum Village reminded me of the potential for authenticity in our digital interactions. Every chance meeting was an exchange of presence, of smiles until our eyes sparkled with shared understanding.

This authenticity is what we should aim for in our digital marketing efforts. We should see beyond numbers and analytics, truly see our audience, and connect with them on a level where our “eyes” sparkle with mutual recognition.


My journey taught me that marketing isn't just about selling products or services; it's about people, their stories, their dreams, and their desires. Let's ensure our strategies reflect this understanding, building authentic, mindful connections that leave a lasting impact. Let's bring the peace and presence of the monastery into the bustling world of marketing.


And in doing so, we don't just improve our marketing efforts but create a positive ripple effect in the lives of those we touch. Because, after all, genuine connection, just like in the quiet corridors of Plum Village, is where magic happens.


About Jennifer Kregor

Jennifer’s 15 years of experience in product development, data science, and research has forged her passion for continuous learning and growth. As Senior Director of Product Development, Data Science, & Research Methodology at Brightfield Group, Jennifer is passionate about using cutting-edge methodologies in programming and statistics, and believes machine learning and language analysis play a pivotal role in providing human insights. Always approaching a problem with an eye on the many individuals composing it, she hopes her research will help identify the products and lifestyles that help people thrive in a way tailored to their own singularity. She’s particularly fascinated with the vast array of uses and cases where CBD has helped individuals be well and enjoy their every day with more gusto.

Published: 5/25/2023