CBD Beverages: From Morning to Night

Matt Zehner

Though the US Food and Drug Administration has yet to provide regulation for CBD (cannabidiol) in food and drinks, there exists a strong demand for CBD-infused beverages. CBD brands have rolled out a variety of beverages to meet this consumer demand, and in 2019, infused beverage products accounted for $143 million in revenue in the US. We forecast this number will grow to $333 million by the end of 2020. Americans desire functional drinks at all times of the day, and those infused with CBD offer alluring results like energy enhancement, function as a sleep-aid, or shorter workout recovery – all in convenient and easily transportable formats.


CBD in the Morning


In the morning, consumers can enjoy CBD in their coffee. Compatible with Keurig coffee makers, Diamond CBD’s Chill Coffee is one example of a coffee that claims to provide that necessary morning boost without the jitters some experience after drinking caffeine. With 25mg of CBD per container, this beverage asserts you’ll be energized yet relaxed, ready to face the day ahead.


CBD All Day

Coffee isn’t the only drink to enjoy infused; CBD beverage brands offer products consumers can drink all day. For example, the CBD-infused sparkling beverage, Recess, focuses its brand around offering consumers a mid-day break from the stress and pressures of modern life. The minimalist, matte can design and pastel colors convey a sense of calm and relaxation, the same effect the brand hopes its consumers will experience. The brand claims the hemp extract and adaptogens (including American ginseng and L-theanine) help consumers feel “balance and clarity.” With a smaller serving size of just 10mg of CBD, this beverage claims to be a great pause from a busy day.


Specific Occasions for CBD

exercise-female-fitness-foot-601177For the more intentional consumer, there are CBD-infused drinks for specific occasions. One example is Tempo CBD; its FOCUS products are intended to provide a mid-afternoon boost for those who need to crank out some work, while RECOVER claims to help revitalize the body post-workout.  


Another example is Elixinol. Its water-soluble hemp CBD powder is mixed into water, allowing consumers to easily bring it with them. This brand has a work-out recovery aid, BUILD, and CBD products intended for a quiet evening in; CREATE claims to increase alertness and provide the energy and attention-to-detail they need to manifest their artistic whims. After the creative wave has subsided, Elixinol’s DREAM is intended for winding down after a long day, and the five to ten milligrams of CBD in the drink claims to help provide peaceful relaxation as you drift off to sleep.

Overall, consumers have a wide range of choices for both how and when they can drink CBD-infused products. Brands are captivating consumers with highly differentiated products intended for specific consumer segments in specific parts of the day. And amidst the FDA’s inaction, CBD beverage leaders have united to add a strong pro-regulatory-framework voice to the conversation regarding regulations of CBD. Once regulations are worked out, consumers may soon be able to better satisfy their existing demand for CBD-infused beverages.


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