New Products Hitting the Scene in Canada 2.0

Jamie Schau

Canada’s cannabis market is poised for growth; its population is large, its residents have disposable income, and it legalized cannabis at the national level ahead of the United States. As only the second country to legalize, it was not without a number of obstacles, especially with product format limitations. The second chapter (2.0) in Canada’s roll out allows for diverse product formats, building on the first chapter (1.0) which allowed for flower and oil products only. Now that this regulatory hurdle has been lifted and Canada has allowed edible, beverage, concentrate (including vapes) and topical formats onto the legal market, a flood of innovative products are already hitting shelves or set to do so soon.


Today, Canadian consumers can find:

Picture1-3Infused tea

TerrAscend’s Haven St. has launched five teas of different flavors and dosages that get their potency from cannabis infused sugar and offer varying THC and CBD ratios depending on the state of mind the consumer is looking to achieve, e.g. “Peace”, “Focus”, “Reset”. These products appeal particularly well to more novice, non-traditional cannabis consumers with their approachable format and discreet, minimalist packaging.


Picture2-1PAX Pods

Though PAX brand and its proprietary Pod technology are not particularly new to the cannabis or vape spaces given that the company has thrived in the U.S. for over a decade, PAX pods – and indeed the company itself – are innovative in Canada in that they come with the name recognition and traction of a large, successful cannabis brand.

Brand familiarity and loyalty are something the vast majority of Canadian cannabis players have not yet been able to achieve – and a partnership with PAX may be a ticket to the top. The five licensed producers (LPs) that have joined PAX to bring these products to market will be able to leverage the company’s name to quickly boost its accessories (and partner LPs’ cannabis extracts) to the top of the country’s newly-budding vape market.


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In the future, Canadians can look for:

Picture3-1THC cooking oil

Goodship (Tilray) will be offering a THC cooking oil complete with baking instructions. The bottle of oil is straightforward, including a dropper for precise and consistent dosage control and a guide as to THC content per dose. The website provides recipes that help users make infused treats that contain Goodship’s oil, which they can make from their own kitchens without the risk or guesswork typically associated with home-baked cannabis goods. Because it is technically an oil and not an edible, the product also offers significantly higher THC content compared to an infused baked good. Edibles are legally limited to 10 mg per package (versus 1,000 mg for oils), but this THC cooking oil is  positioned as an edible product and will be appealing to those looking for higher-dose edibles.


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Last Updated: 2/14/2020