The Role of Budtenders in Cannabis Shopping

The cannabis industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, and with it, the importance of budtenders. These employees are the front-line staff in dispensaries, guiding consumers through the vast landscape of cannabis products available. Their role in the shopping process is critical, and their recommendations can make or break a brand's success.


At Brightfield Group, we understand the importance of budtender interactions and extensively research their preferences and opinions. Our latest cannabis market research focuses on Canadian cannabis store employees. Conducted in the first quarter of 2023, the Canadian Budtender Study included a pool of 475+ passionate employees who provided detailed insights into their relationship with cannabis and their day-to-day interactions with consumers looking for guidance or recommendations.



This study sought to better understand the variables budtenders consider before recommending a brand to consumers, which brands resonate with them, and what marketing materials and information they find most helpful. It provides detailed insights into the factors considered when recommending products to consumers. 


Findings explored in the report:

  • Terpene profiles, price, and taste are most important when purchasing a new product. 
  • Effectiveness is important when deciding whether to purchase again.
  • 73% believe it's important to personally try a product before recommending it to customers


More free insights in our Canadian Budtender Study teaser report


The Canadian Budtender Study also provides a wealth of information about which brands resonate with cannabis store associates. We discovered which brands in the Canadian cannabis market are at the top of their minds and which aren't. Brands included in the study:



Just like Brightfield Group’s cannabis consumer insights get deep, the Canadian Budtender Study gets into cannabis store employees’ lives with verbatims from the employees themselves. Read what they have to say about recommending their favorite products in their own words. 


See sample verbatim in the Canadian Budtender teaser report!


The study also explores what is influencing budtenders’ decision-making process, including:

  • Marketing materials that help store employees recommend a product to cannabis store shoppers
  • Sales rep interactions that are the most impactful
  • The incentives and promotion items most effective 


Get in touch with Brightfield Group to access the Canadian Budtender Study. With a comprehensive view of budtender preferences, the insights we've gathered are helping brands tailor their marketing and product development to better meet the needs of budtenders, ultimately leading to success in the cannabis industry. 


Published: 5/2/2023