Gift Guide by Cannabis Persona

Alyssa Jank

You’ve probably been told in the past, “it’s the thought that counts” regarding gift giving.  While it is true that giving gifts shows loved ones you care, it is always better when the receiver actually enjoys the gift you’ve given! We used our cannabis consumer insights to put together a few gift ideas for the different personas in your life that they are sure to love.


For the College Student

collegestudentThe holidays are a time for college students to celebrate the end of finals, sleep all day, and eat their parents out of house and home.  We know that 60% of cannabis using college students are male and that they predominantly partake while relaxing at home (69% of users) or in the great outdoors (56% of users).  Half of them use flower, and nearly half use baked good edibles (47%).

Luxury pre-rolls (that they’d unlikely splurge for on their student budget), similar to those from Canndescent, Dogwalkers, or Toast



An upgrade to their dorm room bong, like this one from Session Goods, or this pipe from Tetra.




Edibles that claim to help with focus for when they go back to school for the next semester, like Genius drops from 1906, Kiva Camino Blenheim Apricot gummies, or TKO Double Chocolate Brownies



For the Baked Brownie Mom

momYour mom has been taking care of you forever, and she could use some relaxation!  Baked brownie moms obviously enjoy edibles like baked goods (48%) and chocolate (30%).  More than 4 out of 5 of them use cannabis 5 or more days per week, and they most commonly use for relaxing at home (76%) and during home duties like chores (74%)—quintessential mom stuff right there.

Beautifully designed and packaged edibles, such as brownie bites from Sweetgrass, or low dose edibles from Défoncé, or infused marshmallows from Mellows.

sweet grassdefoncemellows


Baking ingredients so they can experiment with their own recipes, like infused peanut butter from Zendo or infused honey from Potli.

zendo            potli


For the Old Stoner or Hippie

oldstonerYou’ve known your Uncle Andy was a cannabis user ever since you had to ask your parents why he always smelled like a skunk when you were seven.  This loved one is most likely using flower (84%), and over half of them suffer from chronic pain (53%), maybe due to aging.  They use most often for relaxing at home (83%), during home duties (69%), or at a friend’s house (59%).  They’re willing to pay for quality products, as 40% spend $50 or more per product, so they may be more picky than the other personas in this roundup.


Classically branded pre-rolls or flower, like pre-rolls from Mind Your Head (created by a member of The Grateful Dead!) or flower from Willie’s Reserve (from Willie Nelson).

mind_your_head    willies      

Try to introduce them to vaping! Only 25% of Old Stoners and hippies currently use vape, so consider buying them a luxury disposable pen to introduce them to a new inhalation method.  Options like the Select Oil Weekender or Highlighter from Bloom Farms would be a good way for them to try it out.

select             bloomfarms


For the Typical Stoner

typicalstonerYou know that stoner friend who seems to know everything about every strain, flavor, and accessory on the market. The typical stoner is a cannabis user that consumes 5 or more time per week. They are likely a flower connoisseur (80% use flower), and a lot of them use cannabis to get creative (it is their 2nd highest desired effect).


Cannabis Cup award winning flower that will impress them, from growers like Top Shelf Cultivation or Team Elite Genetics


Odor control products to cover up the smell of their joints so they don’t anger their roommates, neighbors, and/or landlord.  There are products like the Cannabolish odor removing candle or Veil room spray that promise to eliminate or cover up the smell of cannabis.

cannabolish      veil

Products that claim to enhance creativity, for when they want to jam out or paint or write, like those from Gen!us or Sonder.

geniusyellow      sonder


For the Newbie

newbieMaybe your younger sister or your girlfriend just started using cannabis in the last 2 years.  She may still be looking for her preferred format or strain or dosage.  She likely prefers dosages under 10 mg (dosage is the 2nd most important attribute to newbies after price) and maybe she’s trying to use cannabis to deal with anxiety (50% of newbies report anxiety).  She probably uses baked good edibles (39%) or flower (38%) most often.  Newbies are likely to be younger (38% are 30 or younger) women (55% female), so think Gen Z or Millennials.


Low dose edibles that promise relaxation, like 1906 Chill chocolates, Dosist tablets, or Plus Products unwind gummies

chill     calmbliss  plus


Mini pre-roll packs, like the Rosettes from Garden Society or Lola Lola pre-roll sampler, that offer more control over dosing in a flower format



Hopefully this list sparked some ideas for your own holiday gift list! Click here for more information on the cannabis personas.


Note: We are a neutral data and research provider and this guide is exclusively meant for entertainment purposes and is in no way an endorsement of the brands and products listed.