CBD-Infused Textiles: Activewear and Beyond

Virginia Lee

Consumers can now reap the benefits of CBD without ingesting, vaping, or applying lotion. Instead, individuals can wear CBD-infused clothing that slowly releases CBD directly to their skin. Acabada ProActiveWear launched a line of CBD-infused activewear and Nufabrx announced the upcoming launch of Capsaicin Medicine and CBD-infused clothing. More companies are incorporating CBD into clothing and other textile items, such as pillowcases and bed sheets.

Emerging CBD Activewear Brands

Acabada launched as the world’s first and only CBD-infused activewear brand. Seth Baum, CEO and Co-Founder of Acabada sees his activewear line as living at the intersection of fashion, fitness, and wellness. The luxury, fashion-forward activewear products contain between 10 to 30 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9% pure CBD isolate - depending on the garment - to help women feel good during and post-workout. Each garment has strategically placed fabric panels infused with CBD microcapsules to align with targeted muscle groups (such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves in the leggings), with the microcapsules gradually opening over time to release into the skin. The benefits are expected to last through 40 wear and wash cycles. With prices ranging from $125 for a sports bra to $180 for leggings and $240 for a jacket, Acabada is aimed at affluent, urban millennials and Gen Z who work out, love fashion, and already . know about CBD’s wellness benefits.


Acabada ProActiveWear uses technology created by Devan Chemicals, a specialty chemical firm based in Belgium. The patented R-Vital technology consists of microcapsules of CBD infused into the fabric. Microscopic droplets of CBD are wrapped with a protective coating, and friction from the user’s skin while exercising causes the capsules to gradually open and release the CBD to be trans-dermally absorbed. Previously, Devan has produced functional fabrics with micro-encapsulated aloe vera, Q10, and vitamin E.


Nufabrx, a proprietary biomaterial platform company, seeks to develop better health and wellness outcomes through its Capsaicin Medicine and CBD-infused garments. Garments include medicated compressed socks, knee and arm sleeves, foot and ankle sleeves, and gloves. Using a patented technology that embeds capsaicin and CBD into fabrics at the yarn level, each product is designed to relieve muscle and joint pain throughout the day and can last up to 25 machine washes. Nufabrx Founder and CEO Jordan Schindler describes the garments as health-wear, providing the next way to deliver medicine instead of creams, patches and pills, with no need to reapply a cream throughout the day. The garments deliver all-day release of Capsaicin Medicine or CBD into the skin by responding to the wearer’s body temperature and moisture, similar to how a transdermal patch works. In addition to active consumers, Schindler views the audience for the products as “standing professionals” who are active all day such as salespeople, doctors, nurses, waitresses, and construction workers.


While activewear and knee and arm sleeves for physically active consumers may be the first of CBD-infused textiles, we are also seeing CBD incorporated into other uses such as pillowcases, pajamas, and bed sheets. According to our consumer insights, 30.4% of US CBD users cited chronic pain and 23.6% cited insomnia as some of the top medical conditions for CBD use. Textiles that help facilitate sleep would be helpful to millions of consumers who struggle to get a good night sleep, making CBD-infused textiles a category to watch out for.