Who Buys CBD Beverages?

Matt Zehner

With CBD drinks being stocked in new retail locations daily, consumers have easy access to functional infused beverages. Though we have written about a number of drink options which can keep the cannabidiol flowing from morning through the night, one question remains – who is the typical CBD infused-beverage consumer? Brightfield’s CBD consumer insights are here to help illuminate the answers.


Glam User

Glam Users

Glam Users, who comprise the largest overall subsection of CBD consumers in the United States, are the most frequent purchasers of infused beverages. According to a Brightfield Group survey conducted towards the end of 2019, 27.5% of Glam Users have purchased CBD drinks within the past six months. Such consumers tend to be high-income straight women over the age of 45 who have large amounts of disposable income. They’re typically well-educated with children at home. Glam Users are also willing to drop $50 or more on their desired CBD items, which frequently include edibles and topicals in addition to drinks.




In addition to use for its potential health benefits, CBD is frequently consumed by individuals who want to cut back on tobacco usage but still need something to relieve anxiety during a mid-afternoon break.  We refer to this group as Quitters, and 23% of purchase CBD-infused beverages. Tending to be middle-class, ethnically-diverse, Millennial males, many of these users are filling their time formerly spent outside smoking cigarettes with sipping some fine cannabidiol.


Stressed Out Millenial

Stressed Out Millennials

It’s a tough world out there. Millennials, with less economic stability than their parents, are facing a number of everyday stressors,  which is leading many of them on the path towards CBD. Stressed Out Millennial consumers, 22% of whom purchase CBD beverages, tend to use CBD for psychological reasons, such as anxiety or depression. Generally middle class with a large degree of sexual and ethnic diversity, these beverages may help to easily alleviate stress in the middle of a busy day.


Grass HeadGrassheads

Who says THC and CBD are mutually exclusive? The second most common buyer of CBD-infused-beverages are Grassheads - individuals who report using cannabis on a daily basis. Comprised of middle class millennial and Gen Xers, this group tends to have graduated high school or have some college education and are, unsurprisingly, primarily vape and flower consumers. However, 21.3% of Grassheads surveyed by Brightfield also purchased a CBD-infused beverage within the past six months, maybe so they could take their favorite cannabis-derived products on-the-go in a discrete package.



Last Updated: 2/21/2020