Why Use CBD for Pets?

Matt Zehner

As the CBD (cannabidiol) industry continues to grow, pet owners are starting to consider CBD as a viable alternative medicine for their furry friends. But what are pet owners trying to treat by giving their animals CBD? We conducted research on pet parents who buy CBD for their animals to better explore the rationale behind their purchasing decisions.

Reasons to Use CBD for Pets

Most CBD pet consumers (a.k.a. the pets consuming the product) are dogs. 89% of pet parents who buy CBD purchase it for man’s best friend, while only 36% purchase for cats. The reasons why pet owners turn to cannabidiol varies depending on what animal they own. Our beloved pups are subject to anxiety in the same way humans are, whether it be from fear, separation from family members, age-related changes, or loud fireworks. Based on our data, anxiety-related issues are the most common reason for purchasing CBD products among dog owners. Cats also suffer from anxiety; treating anxiety was the most cited reason for using CBD among cat owners (65%). However, there are several other well-being issues reported at higher rates in cats than in dogs. Cat owners, for instance, are more likely to use CBD products to improve their pet’s mood or treat depression. 

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Though less commonly cited, CBD is used to treat specific pet health conditions. While both dogs and cats can suffer from arthritis in old age, it is more common for dog owners to buy CBD to treat arthritis in their dogs (29%) than it is in cats (25%). For cats, CBD is much more commonly utilized to alleviate allergies (17%) or to address skin conditions (26%).

Owners who purchased CBD pet products are generally happy with the effects CBD has on their pets’ lives, with 89% agreeing that cannabidiol has improved their pet’s life. Among the most cited improvements include the animal seeming calmer (23%), having increased mobility (17%), and having better sleep (17%).


Whatever the reason, with the number of brands currently entering the animal space with their own unique positioning, we’ll continue to see new uses for CBD. These brands will be looking to support marketing, sales, and distribution decisions with consumer and market data on this nascent industry. 


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Last Updated: 2/10/2020