Insights for Mother’s Day: Understanding Stressed-Out Moms

Emerald Nwanne

Stress is a common experience for many people, and moms are no exception. Juggling work, childcare, household duties, and personal responsibilities can leave little time for self-care and relaxation. As a result, many moms turn to stress-relief products to help them manage their stress levels. 


But what are stressed-out moms looking for, and how do they manage their stress? In this blog post, we'll explore consumer insights on stressed-out moms and provide some actionable steps for anyone looking to help these busy women take a load off. 


What Matters to Stressed-Out Moms?

To understand the needs of stressed-out moms, it's essential to recognize their main wellness priorities and shopping behaviors. Brightfield Group’s consumer insights panel provides insights into these needs. 


Stressed-out moms are focused on whole body well-being with a special focus on their mental health. In fact, although this demographic tends to have a lower motivation to exercise than others, over 90% of those respondents also noted that they "exercise for mental health". These consumers also prioritize getting enough sleep and reducing their overall stress levels.

Additionally, convenience and value are crucial to stressed-out moms. 72% of buyers in this demographic noted that they sometimes or often shop online for food and beverages. Stressed mothers prefer to shop online and often use convenience shopping channels such as Instacart delivery or click and contactless pickup.

At the same time these buyers are also willing to pay a premium for high quality products and tend to buy the same brands often. As a result, brands who offer more convenient shopping opportunities will have better luck attracting this demographic.


How Do Stressed-Out Moms Manage Stress?

Brightfield Group consumer insights data reveals that in 2023 stressed out moms listed their top five sources of stress as:

  1. Money
  2. Mental health
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Children
  5. Weight or appearance


To manage this stress, these stressed-out moms are using a variety of wellbeing behaviors, stress tactics, and hobbies.


The majority of consumers in this demographic (75%) are setting aside "me-time" and spending time researching new health concepts. Walking, meditation, yoga and spending time in nature are popular wellbeing behaviors among stressed-out moms. These practices help to reduce stress levels, increase mindfulness, and promote relaxation. Other stress relieving tactics include exercise or playing sports, maintaining a healthy diet, taking supplements, medication or cannabis and using functional foods and beverages.


In addition to the tactics above, these stressed out moms are also engaging in hobbies such as watching tv or listening to music, crafting, gardening, traveling and working out. Engaging in these enjoyable activities can help to reduce stress levels and provide a sense of accomplishment.


Products to Help Moms Relax

Stressed-out moms are turning to a variety of products to help them relax and reduce stress levels.

Herbal tea, chocolate, and popcorn are popular comfort foods and beverages among stressed-out moms. The relaxation effect of these products can help to reduce stress levels, improve moods and provide a sense of well-being. Stress relief snacks such as cheese, nuts or trail mix are also popular among stressed-out moms. Unsurprisingly, these moms are also buying coffee products (nitro/cold brew coffee, coffee concentrate and nutrient-infused coffee) to support their busy lifestyles.


In addition, many stressed-out moms are turning to functional foods and beverages for their stress management benefits. These include kombucha tea, which is fermented with bacteria and yeast cultures; probiotic drinks containing live active cultures from yogurt; bone broth that provides amino acids; and cold-pressed juices packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.


Vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies are popular wellness supplements for stressed-out moms. These products can help to support overall health and wellbeing and reduce stress levels.


Some moms also enjoy wine, beer and spirits. More than half (54%) of consumers in this demographic noted having purchased a product in this category in the last year. Although that tide appears to be turning, with 63% of stressed out moms stating that they are consuming less alcohol and 61% saying that they want more non-alcoholic options.

As a result, CBD and cannabis products are becoming increasingly popular.  Products such as cannabis topicals, cannabis gummies or snacks and CBD skin care products offer a more natural way to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. In fact, over a third of stressedout moms have purchased cannabis or CBD products in the last three months.


In light of looming economic difficulties and the many challenges they present, it is likely that stress levels among mothers have increased in recent times. By leveraging consumer insights platforms, brands can create products and messaging that resonate with stressed-out moms and help them better manage their stress. From wellness supplements to snacks and CBD products, there are many options for marketers to explore. 


As the world continues to evolve, so will the needs and preferences of stressed-out moms. By staying attuned to the latest consumer insights and trends, brands can better serve this important demographic and help them lead happier, healthier lives.


Published: 5/9/2023